Windows 7 End-Of-Life

Windows 7 End-Of-Life

Windows 7, End of Life January 14th 2020 – Act Now!

If you haven’t yet replaced or upgraded your machines to Windows 10, especially if you are a business, it is essential that you do so now!

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After January 14th 2020, no security updates will be released for the Windows 7 platform, making it increasingly vulnerable over time (many vulnerabilities fixed in Windows 8 & 10 are likely to also exist in Windows 7. Reverse engineering of a fix exposes the flaw and it is then actively targeted, especially on machines that will never receive a fix!).

If you rely on the built in Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) in Windows 7 as your anti-virus, it has now been announced that that will continue to receive signature updates (but no updates to the software itself). Microsoft originally intended to stop signature updates on January 14th too but have wisely decided to continue providing them as not doing so would have left many even more highly exposed.

The following Microsoft document explains more –

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