About 1st Computer Services - IT Services Company in Hampshire

A trusted IT Services Company with over two decades of supporting fantastic businesses

25 years as an IT Services Company is an incredible achievement, and one we are proud of. We are humbled that over 800 people continue to trust us to keep them & the businesses they represent secure, resilient & efficient.

Like most businesses and business owners, ours is a tale of bravery, overcoming fear and organic growth as an IT Services Company.

We have been helped, encouraged and mentored by some amazing people and seek to repay their generosity by giving back and encouraging & supporting those who cross our path. This is our story…

It begins in late 1998 when Steve Dimon started Dimon Computer Services. A sole trader operating from a small flat in GosportHampshire.

Contracting for an IT company in Camberley whilst steadily growing a private customer base in and around Portsmouth & Southampton, the majority of whom are still with us today along with a number of clients based in Kent, London & Oxford.

One London based customer, John, with an impressive career history pulled Steve to one side to say ‘Someone needs to tell you this – there is no future in what you are doing!  Once you settle down and have children you will not want to work the hours you are working now or have the stress of having to balance the support of customers with that of going away on holiday with your family – take my advice and start building a trusted team around you‘.

We are blessed now at 1st Computer Services to have a wonderful team that is committed to serving our wonderful client base.

Here's a bit more about our journey...

Remote IT Support Services


How did we develop our IT Services Company through the years?

It is hard to create a brief view of 25 years of being an IT Services Company in our local counties of Hampshire, Dorset and beyond, and it has taken the commitment and dedication of all our team to make it happen. Here's a brief overview.


Steve did get married and go on to have 2 amazing children, one of each, and it did get more and more difficult to balance working life and running an IT Services Company; and home, especially holidays (not to mention the massive drop in income when actually taking a holiday). Eventually he had to admit it, John was right! 


Through a joint venture opportunity, Steve was asked to join 1st Group Ltd, and Russell was taken on as the very first Engineer under the new structure of the IT Services Company. 1st Computer Services and the brand was born and I became WE.


Steve took on sole ownership of 1st Group Ltd; and after the incredible support to clients, Russell became a Director and shareholder; bringing his experience and enthusiasm to continue to create a standout service for 1st Computer Services clients.


The team continued to grow, and Bradley joined the team as a Remote Support Helpdesk Technician. Bradley surpassed all expectations and progressed to be Operations Manager. We also moved into our Fareham office in this year.


We got our first, now iconic & highly loved, branded plug-in hybrid pool car (no emissions around town – no dirty diesels for us!)


We took on another mobile engineer, coincidentally also named Brad!


This is the year we focused on bringing in new business growth skills, and recruited both in-house and external support to help us scale the business, and have very much enjoyed welcoming new clients into the 1st Computer Services family, and helping them create their perfect IT infrastructure.


The entire world stopped going to work and Working From Home (WFH) became the new normal. Thankfully for our clients secure remote access to systems & telephony was simple and painless to achieve.

Our Expert IT Service Company's Team Members

Meet our Expert Team

A great IT Services Company cannot be great without its team. We are proud of the individuals that represent our company. We know they are experts in their field and go out of their way to ensure our clients have exactly what they need to support their business.


Steve Dimon

Owner, Director

Russell Messem

Owner, Director

Bradley Smith

Operations Manager


As an IT Services Company, and as a collective of IT professionals, we are committed to providing the very best support to our customers, and live by the following values.

Values of IT Service Company - Integrity
Never compromising on our ethical, business and compliance standards, and doing what is right and delivering what we promise.
IT Services Company Values
Building meaningful relationships with clients and partners for win:win outcomes.
IT Services Values
Agility, reliability and flexibility to implement what our customers need, when they need it, to ensure their business can run effectively and efficiently.
Values of IT Service Company - RESULTS
We provide the best outcomes, not products and services, and how we care for our customers has their goals at the heart.