IT Super Heroes

IT Super Heroes

Last week I was put on the spot by a friend of a friend and asked ‘So what’s your company’s USP then Steve?’

I failed at the first hurdle with ‘Err, i guess we’re much the same as many others really’. ‘You’re not very good at this Steve’ came the reply, with a chuckle and a grin, ‘Try Again’.

My 2nd attempt was a little better – ‘Well, err, we care! We genuinely care and want our customers to have the most resilient, secure, scalable infrastructure and staff that are cyber risk aware’.

The next day on the short walk to school I asked my 8 year old Son what our USP is and without hesitation, he nailed it, first time – ‘That’s easy – You’re IT Super Heroes!’ So there you have it 1stCS #ITSuperHeroes

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