It has been an incredible 22 years and I am humbled that 600+ people continue to trust us to keep them & the businesses they represent secure, resilient & efficient.

Steve Dimon

Like that of most businesses and business owners ours is a tale of bravery, overcoming fear and organic growth. We have been helped, encouraged and mentored by some amazing people and seek to repay their generosity by giving back and encouraging & supporting those who cross our path. This is our story…

It begins in late 1998 when I started Dimon Computer Services as a Sole Trader from my dining table in a small flat in Gosport, Hampshire.

Contracting for an IT company in Camberley whilst steadily growing a private customer base in and around Portsmouth & Southampton, the majority of whom are still with us today.

Through the contracting I met a network cabling company based in Maidstone, Kent and through a long relationship with them introduced to customers in that area & London too.

One London based customer, John, with an impressive career history pulled me to one side to say ‘Someone needs to tell you this – there is no future in what you are doing! You need to earn money whilst you sleep! Once you settle down and have children you will not want to work the hours you are working now or have the stress of balancing supporting customers with that of going away on holiday with your family – take my advice and build a trusted team around you‘.

2004 – I did get married and go on to have 2 amazing children, one of each, and it did get more and more difficult to balance work and home, especially holidays (not to mention the massive drop in income when actually taking a holiday). Eventually I had to admit it, John was right!

2010 – through a joint venture opportunity, I was asked to join 1st Group Ltd and to free up my time Russell was taken on as our first engineer. 1st Computer Services and the 1stcs.it brand was born and I became WE.

2014 – I took sole ownership of 1st Group Ltd and Russ became a Director and shareholder.

2015 – Bradley joined the team as a remote support helpdesk technician, Bradley has since surpassed all our expectations and progressed to be Operations Manager. We also moved into our Fareham office in this year.

2016 – We got our first, now iconic & highly loved, branded plug-in hybrid pool car (no emissions around town – no dirty diesels for us!)

Pool Car

2018 – We took on another mobile engineer, coincidentally also named Brad!

2019 – We took on Simon to help us scale the business and attract new clients.

2020 – The entire world stopped going to work and Working From Home (WFH) became the new normal. Thankfully for our clients secure remote access to systems & telephony was simple and painless to achieve.

The Team…

Steve Dimon – Owner, Director, ‘Nerdy, but Nice’
Russell Messem – Director
Bradley Smith – Operations Manager
Simon Collyer – Business Development & Sales
Engineers – For Security reasons we do not list the names of individual Engineers. We are experts in Social Engineering and know how that information can be used against our clients.