We could write page upon page about how our team of engineers help businesses and the technologies they use but it really is tailored to each client, their specific business, industry, IT needs and budget.

Some of the following may sound familiar though:

  • “The thought of my server(s) dying keeps me awake at night!”
  • “What can I do to increase our resilience?”
  • “How do we keep our critical Business Systems operational in a crisis?”
  • “How can I increase the efficiency & effectiveness of our staff/client communications?”
  • “How do I securely share data with my colleagues/clients?”
  • “How do I protect my clients from spoofed e-mails using our domain/brand?”
  • “How do I educate my staff about Digital Fraud & Cyber Threats?”
  • “What is Phishing and how do I protect my users from it?”
  • “How do I get the best value from my Windows Servers/Hardware?”
  • “How do I test the security of my network?”
  • “How do I filter incoming e-mails for threats such as viruses and scam emails?”
  • “How do I restrict/monitor/protect my users internet access?”
  • “How do I get real time information about my equipment estate?”
  • Help! – I really need to be driving my core business but spend all my time on sorting out IT issues

“We find that 1stCS’s differentiator is the blend of knowledge they have, a very high level of pragmatic IT experience, and importantly, the ability to articulate it in a way that is clearly understood by all. The real business benefit has been to gain expertise in implementing pragmatic IT solutions that allow the business to operate smoothly, efficiently and effectively

I would not hesitate in recommending 1stCS as highly capable and reliable IT infrastructure experts that add that level of IT strategic thinking that enables a business to execute its vision, effectively and efficiently.” – Financial Sector

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